TET - Electrical Electronics and Services Exporters’  Association is organizing a business trip to Boston and Washington DC/Arlington with a trade delegate comprised of prominent players and investors from Turkish IT business society. This group includes both well established incumbent Turkish IT enterprises and high-potential visionary techno-business people.


The delegation will be in the US between 1st and 5th of June.




Software industry accelerates exportation efforts

Investment and employment’ message is given in the U.S.

It is no longer a mere dream to achieve the export target of USD 15 billion by the year 2023 for software industry which is known to be among the strategic actors for Turkish economy. Electrical Electronics and Services Exporters’ Association (TET) formed business connections worth USD 150 million during the first software trade delegation organized in the history of Turkey in which Turkish software companies met their counterparts in the U.S., the largest global market. Following the meetings held in Boston, Washington D.C and Arlington/VA, some of the companies taking part in Tetsoft team determined to establish offices in the U.S. with a view to exploit the potential in the market to the greatest extent possible.


 Software industry looks for ways to increase market reach under the Software Marketing Cluster (Tetsoft) Project developed by TET pursuant to UR-GE (Support for the Improvement of International Competitiveness) incentives introduced by the Turkish Ministry of Economy. Following its visit to Germany, Tetsoft organized its second business trip to the U.S., the largest global market,. 22 representatives from 16 companies took part in the Software Industry Trade Delegation. Turkish companies held totally 170 B2B meetings during the delegation which was concluded with the formation of business connections worth USD 150 million only in six days.


Electrical Electronics and Services Exporters’ Association(TET) brought together the Turkish companies with various global giants including Microsoft, IBM, Raytheon, Honeywell and Boeing following an intensive preparation process of six months. Turkish companies were especially appreciated for their solutions concerning defence and healthcare industry by their U.S. counterparts. MIT Industrial Liaison Program, the point of contact between Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) and corporations, Cambridge Innovation Centre, Microsoft Technology Centre, IBM Innovation Centre, Maryland University and U.S. Capitol Building were among the destinations visited by the delegation. His Excellency Serdar Kilic, the Ambassador of the Republic of Turkey to the United States, organized a reception at the Embassy for the honour of Tetsoft delegation.


TET intends to establish a Liaison Office in Boston...

Cambridge Innovation Centre in Boston, distinguished for the investments made in innovation and opportunities provided to start up companies, has been selected as the strategic point for Turkish software companies intending to make investment in the U.S. Meanwhile, TET makes efforts to establish a Liaison Office in the centre which is home to a number of leading companies such as Microsoft and Google. Furthermore, some of the companies taking part in Tetsoft delegation have started negotiations to establish offices in the centre, as well.


Selahattin Esim, TET Board Member and President of Tetsoft delegation to U.S., commented on the U.S. delegation organized with a view to increasing software and IT exportation volume and encouraging Turkish companies to increase market reach: “The total worth of exportation made by Turkish software and IT industry amounts to USD 1 billion. The negotiations in the U.S. has made it very clear that the export target of USD 15 billion set for the year 2023 is not a mere dream and Turkey has the potential to surpass this target. The software delegation became highly popular with the U.S. companies. As they got to know our companies better, they were astounded to learn that Turkish software companies have such a well-established infrastructure. We were greatly appreciated for the high quality of the delegation by the senior executives of global technology giants.”


Software industry analyzes investment opportunities in the U.S…


Alluding to the great potential of the U.S. defence, education and healthcare industries for Turkish companies, Esim said: “The U.S. delegation gave a clear message indicating that ‘we have come to the U.S. to make investment and create employment’. We were given the promise that especially the government of Maryland would do its best to facilitate our investment projects. The Turkish companies were extremely satisfied with this area which is ideal for investment in terms of business ecosystem. The feedback we receive confirms that our strategy is totally correct”.


TET Board Member Selahattin Esim went on to indicate that the companies participating in Tetsoft trade delegation succeeded in forming business connections worth USD 150 million which is expected to further increase in the near future given the ongoing negotiations between the parties: “Turkey has a great potential in software industry thanks to the several companies which have competitive power in global scale. Turkish stakeholders got the opportunity to introduce their companies and hold B2B meetings in the global largest market. The U.S. is not only the largest but also the most challenging market in the world. We have taken this challenge as a result of which our companies have gained self-confidence and courage. Becoming successful in the U.S. market will be a real milestone that shall open up the entire world market to our companies. New connections shall turn out to be invaluable for the delegation. Some of them have already started to make negotiations to establish offices in the U.S.”.


Selahattin Esim concluded his speech by expressing his acknowledgments to his Excellencies Serdar Kilic, the Ambassador of the Republic of Turkey to the United States,Omur Budak, the General Consulate of the Republic of Turkey in Boston, Omur Demir Kizilarslan, Chief Commercial Counselor of the Republic of Turkey in Washington DC, Alperen Kacar, Commercial Attaché of the Republic of Turkey to New England and Tuba Hatipoglu, Commercial Counselor of the Republic of Turkey in Washington DC for their support to Tetsoft trade delegation during their visit to Boston and Washington DC.