122 several projects like rechargable innovative bicycle, touch-operated toaster, technological glove that translates sign language to audio, media shirt that provides you to feel the actions on a film or a video game, nitrogen measuring system that confirms torpedo and explosives, etc. was brought industrials and investors together on TET Research&Development Project Spring.

“TET Research&Development Project Spring” which has an important role on the development university and industry corporation, was realized for the third time. 12 projects were rewarded in four different categories which are Information and Communication Technology Implementations, Implementations for Energy Production Transmission and Distribution, Environment and Energy Efficiency Implementations and Other at the activity implemented in İstanbul Convention Center. The first of 3 Research&Development Project’s promoters were awarded in cash totally TRY 150.000-; respectively TRY 20.000-, TRY 10.000- and TRY 7.500-.

Activity project presentations and bilateral discussions continue the daylong…

Besides the industials, “TET Research&Development Project Spring” brought Universities, R&D establishments, technopark employees and researchers together, and there were also organized several panels within the daytime activities.

In addition to Turkish prominent universities, Hong Kong University of Science and Technology, institutions like TUBİTAK, KOSGEB, Ministry of Industry and Trade were taken part in the activity which was organized within the corporation of  EUREKA that has supported thousands of R&D Projects till now.

3rd TET Project Spring Awarded Projects

Category of Information and Communication Technology Implementations:

First Prize: İlker Kavak – Cad/Cam in embedded systems (He developed a new method that enables designing 2D and 3D in embedded systems and realizing production in  machine connected to the system)

Second Prize: Ahmet Karaküçük- Ahmet Emir Dirik/ Are you aware of the secret mark in your photos? (The aim is to prevent violating the source privacy by using secret marks in photos)

Third Prize: Elif Saygı Bavunoğlu- Harun Bavunoğlu/ turSOS- Project of a Glove that translates Turkish Sign Language to audio (Technological glove translates the sign language used by deaf and dumb persons to audio)

Implementations for Energy Production Transmission and Distribution:

First Prize: Cihan Çopur / Electrical Distribution Networks Modeling and Planning as CBS –based (The aim is to meet the needs of an authentic and local softwares)

Second Prize: Hüseyin Bekir Yıldız / Developing Paint-Based Solar Cells That Completely Decompounded Water (The aim is to create a solar cell that products hydrogen and oxygen by decompounding water constantly under the visible light through the nanoparticles)

Third Prize: Selahattin Çelik/ Portable Fuel Cell Project (By the help of this system, it also provides to produce the system of other fuel cell technologies in our country)

Environment and Energy Efficiency Implementations:

First Prize: Baran M. Dağ- Kerem Erikçi/  Software of Point Agricultural Meteorology and Decission Support Mechanisms (Promoters developed a software which provides to prevent potential damages and to diminish cost for farmers by making a forecast of the weather easily where required)

Second Prize: Ayhan Prepol / Warmer Fabric (The aim is to produce warmer clothes by using electrical current  with undervoltage)

Third Prize: Şefik Doğan- Güvenç Şenol/ New Generation Atmospheric  Water Output (Promoters creates a new system which is unexampled around the World, produces water from humidity in the air)


First Prize:Ahmet Zengin/ Confirming torpedo and explosives by Nitrogen Measuring System (Ahmet Zengin who developes an innovative method to specify torpedo which is common problem globally, also got the patent. He made an invention that confirms nitrogen, the raw material of TNT, by remote sensing. Ahmet Zengin stated that after he had got the patent, Israel called him first and then Germany wanted this Project but he did not gave his patent and he added that he wanted to this technology for his country. With these words he was vigorously applauded in award ceremony)

Second Prize: Hüseyin Boztepe / A warning System for the wrong yuse of seatbelts (This innovative Project warns for all the wrong uses of seatbelt and aims to increase the usages of seatbelts. Project also have a social content)

Third Prize: İsa Ataseven- Ahmet Ali Atan - Sefa Taftali - Hüseyin Barın / Media Shirt ( Promoters created a waistcoat called ‘media shirt’ that provides you to feel the actions on a film or a video game. They created a wearable technology.)