The fourth "TET R & D Project Market" organized to promote high value-added exports by Electrical Electronics and Services Exporters’ Association (TET), which represents the technological strength of Turkey, was held on April 8th, 2015 in Istanbul Congress Center.


This year, a record number of project applications was made to TET Project Spring and 143 creative projects selected from 499 projects were exhibited at the Istanbul Congress Center. Entrepreneurs and academics had the opportunity to promote their industrial projects during the event that was held throughout the day and enriched with panels. In the Project Spring, the creators of the first 3 R & D projects, which were placed in 4 different categories such as Information and Communication Technology Applications, Applications for Power Generation, Transmission and Distribution, Environmental and Energy Efficiency Applications and Other, won prizes totaling 150 thousand TRY.


Along with innovative projects in the fields of electricity, electronics and informatics, this year was the first to award the stars of cultural service exports. The award for TV series with most export income by the end of 2014 was received by Muhteşem Yüzyıl, Kara Para Aşk and Kuzey Güney, while the writer with best selling and most translated books abroad was Ahmet Ümit in 2014.