Turkish Electric-Electronic Business Meets

Middle East Market




(TET) representing Turkish electric and electronic business participates by an info stand at WETEX 2013 – Water, Energy, Technology and Environment Exhibition, one of the most important activities of the Middle East in the field. The exhibition is organized by Dubai Electric and Water Administration and it is the only organization belonging to Dubai Government in the field, and shall be held between 15 – 17 April 2013 at Dubai International Convention and Exhibition Centre (DICEC). TET, representing Turkish Electric and Electronic Machinery and Information Technologies is awaiting for the guests at its stand located Zabeel Hall BR 06 at WETEX Exhibition where the latest technologies and management solutions are presented to international companies. Doğuş Vana, Arges Arıtma Makine, Baytom, Haus Centrifuge Technologies, Clewer Water Technology and Ecotank from Turkey will be participating in the exhibition.


Exhibition is providing opportunity to take a closer look at the latest developments in Water, Energy and Environment field, and have a significant importance of being a meeting point for strategic partners in terms of innovative solutions. Participation of one thousand companies from more than 40 countries, and more than 12 thousand visitors are expected at the exhibition. An Energy Council meeting shall also be held concurrently with WETEX Exhibition this year.


Middle East and particularly United Arab Emirates are among the important markets for Turkish electric and electronic business. The export volume of the business segment to the United Arab Emirates was 122 million and 600 thousand dollars in 2012. The export volume is projected to be increased by exhibition participations.


TET Board of Administrators Chairman Fatih Kemal Ebiçlioğlu, noted on participation in WETEX Exhibition, one of the biggest organizations in Middle East for the segment: “The business segment is an important market for our companies. WETEX Exhibition gathers many customers and manufacturers together. Turkey is ambitious in the field with its technology and capacity. Our most important companies in the field shall be presenting their products at WETEX Exhibition. We believe that economical relations between Turkey and Dubai will develop stronger, and there will be new business cooperation by this exhibition.”







TET (Istanbul Electric-Electronic, Machinery and Information Technology Exporters Union) conducting studies to bring electric-electronic, machinery and information Technologies to a stronger level in foreign markets and to increase export of the business segment.


The union is operating under İMMİB (Istanbul Mine and Metal Exporters Union), providing occupational cooperation of exporters of the segment and conducting studies to increase variety of export products and markets and competitively strengthen the products. Exhibition organizations, council trips and scientific meetings are held in order to promote exporters abroad and to develop the segment.


In order to increase sustainable export, TET is implementing many activities. Searching for on spot market researches in many countries from South America to Africa, from the USA to Australia in order to support export targets, and introducing the companies to new markets.


Turkey is aiming to achieve 500 million dollars of export in 2023 and to be one of the 10 greatest economies, and increasing added value in export, investing in innovation and being a strong country in technology has a fundamental importance. TET believes that electric-electronics, machinery and information technology have significant roles in establishment and continuity of technological infrastructure should be established well in all business segments, and creates opportunities for exporter companies to take part in global economy, promote themselves and our country and to closely follow innovations.  


Electric and electronic segment increases its share in export by each year, taking 5th place in Turkey’s export volume of 151,9 billion dollars last year. Patent champion companies having Turkey’s greatest employment volumes and the largest R&D centers are operating in this segment. Turkish companies closely following technological developments and investing in R&D and design became production center of Europe in many product groups. Turkey is the white appliances production center for European Union, and globally in the first three in cable production.


The segment is rapidly affected by technological developments, and comprises the components constituting the spine of technology and innovation in terms of many product groups. A rapid increase is identified especially in export of power generation and distribution equipment as well as cable segments.

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