The strategic importance of software industry is ever increasing for Turkey. TET, who aims at turning the potential in information technologies and software into exportation, organized a commercial committee program that involved “Tetsoft- Foreign Marketing Team” that consisted of 34 software companies, Stuttgart and Heidelberg.

Electrical Electronics and Services Exporters’ Association (TET) who represents the power of Turkish exportation in technology has speeded up the activities intended to increase the software exportation. The UR-GE (International Competition Development) project Tetsoft involving 34 Turkish software companies organized its first commercial committee in Germany having defined the best strategies in need analyses, trainings and overseas expansion. The committee of 12 software companies visited Stuttgart, the capital of Baden-Württemberg state –which is considered as the technology center of Germany– and Heidelberg.



Tetsoft committee held bilateral business meetings in the leadership of Ahmet AKINTI, Stuttgart Consul, with the participation of Baden-Württemberg State Ministry of Revenue and Economy, Stuttgart – Ulm Chambers of Industry and Commerce, and German companies. Following, in the leadership of Serhat AKSEN, Karlsruhe Consul General, the committee had interviews with German businessmen in the mini business forum organized by the Municipality in Heidelberg, where also the committee visited Germany’s global software brand SAP,.

Within the frame of its schedule, the committee visited Fraunhofer Institute and Mercedes and had the chance to exchange ideas and knowledge in relation to cooperation opportunities during the meetings held with the senior executives. The President and Vice President of IT Group of Mercedes, having strategic investments in Turkey, took a close interest in the products of the companies of the committee and stated that they could in fact cooperate with most of the companies in projects.

The committee also had a meeting with Max Planck Institute. Turkish directors, businessmen and professionals in the companies located in Baden-Württemberg state had united in the Baden-Württemberg Turkish German Professional Platform thanks to the efforts of Stuttgart Commerce Attaché’s Office. During the dinner meeting organized, Tetsoft members met with Aydin Enes SEYDANLIOGLU, the President of the Platform and Abdulhalim BAYSAL, the Board Member of the Platform in Germany, hosting the largest Turkish diaspora in the world, with the participation of Muhterem ARAS, the Turkish descent Parliamentarian in Baden-Württemberg state. Ahmet BAYRAKTAR, Stuttgart Attaché, gave full support to the committee in their cooperation with the Platform’s representatives during their visit just like during the preparatory works of the committee.