Leading exportation organization of Turkish electricity production and distribution equipment sector, Electrical Electronics Services Exporters' Association (TET) arranges a national participation to Middle East Electricity Fair for the second time. Fair to be held in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, which is one of the key countries of Middle East and Africa market between the dates of 11 – 13 February 2014 will bring together energy and electricity sector leaders.

This year, it is expected that more than 100 Turkish companies (50 of them are national) will participate to Middle East Electricity Fair which exhibit products and services of worldwide agents of energy sector. In the fair in which Turkey will be represented as national participation in an area of 987 m, cable producer Turkish companies predominantly will take place.

Worldwide leader companies of the sector will come together with customers in the fair which displays electricity generation and distribution equipment, cables, recycling technologies, renewable energy technologies, lighting control systems, elevator systems, air conditioning, heating and cooling systems, lighting technologies, hydroelectric systems, insulators, sensors, generators, transformers and electricity generation and distribution equipment.


Electrical-electronic sector agents who have made exportation over 13 Billion Dollar in 2013 continue their works with export aim of 45 Billion Dollars in 2023. Istanbul Electrical, Electronics, Machinery and Information Technology Exporters Association arrange important national organization with participation to commercial and international fairs with aim to reach this objective. Patent champion companies, which hold the biggest R&D centers, take place in the sector, increasing the share of Turkey in exportation. Turkish companies which make investment to R&D and design has become production center of Europa in many product group. Companies have made exportation of the products to more than 100 countries with best solutions within the frame of quality, technology and innovation, along with following technological developments. Cable sector along with electricity production and distribution equipment from sub-segments of Turkish electrical and electronic sector is the primary sector which increases its export. The sector which is affected instantaneously by technological developments include main components of technology and innovation. The biggest cable producers of the sector which make exportation to many countries from Europe to North Africa and Middle Asia will take place in Middle East Electricity Fair.

Fatih Kemal, chairman of the board of Istanbul Electrical, Electronics, Machinery and Information Technology Exporters Association (TET), expressed his satisfaction about fair organization with national participation and said Middle East is an important market for our companies. Middle East Electricity Fair is an opening gate to this market. Turkey is relatively assertive in this area with know-how and development in last 30 years. We are the fifth sector among companies making transportation at most. Thousands of companies which operate in our sector make investments to quality production, new technologies and R&D. We believe that our companies will find a chance in the fair to introduce their products and have new business opportunities in this year as like previous years. Last year, approximately 15 thousand guests visited to Middle East Electricity Fair with 1043 participants from 55 countries. Turkey was among the countries which make participation to the fair at most such as China, United Arab Emirates, Italy, Germany and India.

Turkish pavilion can be visited at halls 6 and 7 in Middle East Electricity Fair.

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