TET – TURKISH ELECTRO TECHNOLOGY, with a committee consisting 19 companies of the electrical and electronics sector, made negotiations in Kazakhstan and Azerbaijan. These negotiations which will be a foundation for new partnerships in both countries that have significant Turkish investments; had focused on energy, infrastructure and telecommunications fields.

In both the countries who is not strangers to Turkish companies, Turkish investments had reached an important level. Between TET sector trade committee’s first stop, Kazakhstan and Turkey, the 4 billion dollars trading volume is aimed to be raised to 20 billion dollars. In its 2050 vision, Kazakhstan is aiming to have a strong industry and a developed technology instead of just being an energy exporter. Turkish electrical and electronics companies want to have a share in the infrastructure and energy investments, energy lines and telecommunication fields which the Kazakhstan government designated as priority investment fields.

Turkish electrical and electronics companies, who travelled with TET to increase their exports, joined the double negotiations in Almaty which also hosted 61 Kazakh firms. The public enterprises which have a say in the investment decisions of the country such as Kazak Telecom, Almatı Energy Company (AJK), Kazakhstan Electricity Grid Operating Company (KEGOC), also was in the negotiations. Also, Almatı Energy Company was visited by the committee member companies.

In Azerbaijan, which was the second stop of the TET trade committee after Kazakhstan, infrastructure investments are proceeding rapidly. The capital Baku is getting ready to host the European Olympic Games, which will be held the first time in 2015.On the other hand, they are planning to establish a 20 thousand kilometers long fiber optic cable infrastructure.

70 Azeri companies joined the double negotiations which was held in Baku. The public enterprise SOCAR and Azerenerji which is the biggest electrics producer of Azeribaijan was also at the negotiations and committee spent its last day by making a visit to the Azerenerji Company.