Turkish Electro Technology Exporters’ Association (TET) is a professional establishment which deals with the export activities of its members. It was founded on 02.09.1991 with the decision of the Council of Ministers of Republic of Turkey and has over 7500 member companies. The Main Function of TET is to improve the export volume of the electrical-electronics and ICT industries on behalf of our members and in accordance with the needs of our country. 

The Activities of TET 

• Arranging “Trade Delegations” to target markets 

• Organizing and participating in national / international trade fairs

• Organizing “Buying Missions” 

• Monitoring and providing sectoral data, reports and market research studies 

• Developing co-operations with international institutions 

• Organizing training courses, seminars and meetings related to the industry 

• Solving problems and difficulties arising from the legal transactions that the member firms encounter 

• Examining foreign trade regulations and laws of importer countries so as to keep the member firms informed about  the international rules